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  • Glauber Rocha (Photo: EFE)

    Glauber Rocha (Photo: EFE)

Published 18 August 2014

Brazilian filmmaker, Glauber Rocha, one of the leaders of  "Cinema Novo", was pointed out by the military dictatorship (1964 - 1985)  to be killed.

According to a document presented on Sunday by the “Truth Commission”, an organism that investigates the human rights abuses during the dictatorship, the militaries identified Rocha in order to kill him.

The first page of the document displays the word “dead” handwritten, word used to point out the detractors of the dictatorship. A report of the Brazilian Air Force, points out Rocha as one of the leftist leaders active also in Europe, and a threat to the regime.

“We received the information from one of the repressive agents of the time, that in general, when handwritten, it indicated an order”, said Nadine Borges, President of the "Truth Commission.” “Luckily, he exiled himself before,” she added.

Borges requested Jose Antonio Nogueira Belham, the General who signed the documents to declare and try to clarify the case.

The “Truth Commission” was created by the now President, Dilma Rousseff on May 16th 2012. Rousseff herself is a victim of the dictatorship, jailed and tortured for her leftists ideals.

Glauber Rocha was jailed also in 1965, after his movies were banned in Brazil for they where considered as a threat to the regime.

His films, worldwide known, included “Black God, White Devil” (1964), contended for the Golden Palm at Cannes; and “Entranced Earth” (1667) that won the “Jury Price” at Cannes.

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