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  • Brazilian General Augusto Heleno.

    Brazilian General Augusto Heleno. | Photo: EFE

Published 20 September 2017

Writing in favor of a colleagues' call for intervention,Gen. Heleno declared his “unrestrained support for my longtime friend and respected military chief.”

Four-star Brazilian General Augusto Heleno has come out in support of an intervention by the military in the country, citing the ongoing political crisis.

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On Tuesday, he published a Facebook article in defense of Antonio Hamilton Martins Mourao, an active general in Brazil's armed forces, who defended the possibility of a Brazilian military intervention during a speech last week. Both decorated military men based their conclusion on the deteriorating political crisis in the South American country, according to Brasil24/7.

Writing in favor of his colleague, Heleno declared his “unrestrained support for my longtime friend and respected military chief.”

He chastised "some politicians, indicted for corruption and embezzlement of public funds, members of the gang that dissolved the country” for attacking Moura, demanding respect for the impeccable reputation and 45-year long military career of his colleague. He advised them to “at least, look in the mirror of consciousness and shame.”

He added that Moura simply said “in his habitual frankness and courage, what is envisaged in the constitution. The left, in their state of panic after their continued failures, interpreted this as a military intervention threat. Ridiculous.”

Comments related to his post have received ample support according to a military monitoring group.

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Mourao's previous statements caused consternation within Brazil's top military command. Defense Minister Raul Jungmann summoned top military commander Eduardo Villa Boas to explain Mourao's declarations and “advise him on the proper measures to be taken,” according to Estado.

Jungmann stressed that Mourao's statements shouldn't be taken out of context, preferring to resolve the controversial remarks within military ranks and not apply any punishment.

Heleno was the first military commander to lead Brazil Peace Forces in Haiti in 2004. In 2014, he publicly criticized the ruling Workers' Party and former President Dilma Rousseff, which resulted in his losing his position as South Military Commander of the Brazilian states of Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. He currently serves as Military Secretary of Economy and Finances.

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