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  • London is the home to 80 billionaires, according to the list.

    London is the home to 80 billionaires, according to the list. | Photo: Reuters

Published 26 April 2015

A recent poll revealed that 69 percent of Britons believe the richest and wealthiest should pay more in tax.

Britain's super-rich doubled their collective wealth since 2009, the annual The Sunday Times “Rich List” has revealed.

According to the survey, the 1,000 richest people based in the United Kingdom are worth a total £547 billion (US$830 billion), compared to £258 billion six years ago during the economic crisis.

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The sky-high sums will embarrass Prime Minister David Cameron as they demonstrate how the Conservative leader has exacerbated the gulf between the super-wealthy and most Britons, many of whom have experienced a drop in living standards over the same time period.

Britain now has 117 billionaires, the newspaper says, which is only topped by the United States and China, and London is the city in the world with most billionaire residents, with 80.

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Ukrainian-born music mogul Len Blavatnik headed list, with a worth of £13.7 billion. His empire includes stakes in online music streaming site Spotify, and the ownership of Warner Music Group, which represents artists such as Coldplay.

The Equality Trust condemned the findings highlighting that the wealth of the richest 1,000 is now higher than the poorest 40% of households. Last year, the organisation explains, the wealthiest saw their wealth increase by a staggering £28 billion, the equivalent of £77 million a day, or £893 a second.

Duncan Exley, Director of the Equality Trust, said Britain suffers from “grotesque inequalities of wealth, income and power” which he labelled as “hugely damaging for society.”

Just ahead of the UK general election he added, “The extreme levels of inequality we see today are not normal and they can be reversed...Politicians on all sides need to bring forward concrete proposals to reduce inequality. Anything less sells us all short.”

A recent YouGov poll revealed that 69 percent of Britons believe that the richest and wealthiest in society should pay more in tax.

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