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  • Evo Morales speaks during a news conference at the presidential palace in La Paz, Bolivia.

    Evo Morales speaks during a news conference at the presidential palace in La Paz, Bolivia. | Photo: Reuters

The conference will focus on the critical issues of migration and military intervention.

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced a new peoples' conference Thursday that will focus on the worldwide issue of migration, to be hosted by the South American country in June.

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“Given the alarming situation of this international phenomenon and its consequences, we have decided as a government and social movements to extend this invitation,” Morales told reporters, referring to the issue of immigration and refugees.

He added that the initiative, titled, "Peoples' Conference for a World without Walls," was welcomed by presidents of the countries of the ALBA countries who met in Venezuela for the bloc’s 12th summit this week.

“Inspired by the struggle of the social movements, we convene the conference that will have the participation of delegates from all the countries of the world,” Morales said.

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Morales further rejected the construction of walls to curb migration and condemned military interventions that plundered the natural resources of the people. U.S. President Donald Trump threatens to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, while many walls have already been built in European countries to stem refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

Some argue that the immigration crisis over the past few years have been fueled by repeated Western interventions in those regions that have forced millions of peoples to flee the violence and conflict in their countries over the past few decades.

Immigration experts from around the world and representatives of progressive governments will participate in the conference scheduled for June 20 and 21.

Morales added that the World Peoples' Conference will include two discussion panels, one dedicated to universal citizenship and one against military interventionism.


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