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    Bolivia's President Evo Morales. | Photo: Reuters

Published 19 September 2017

Morales called out Trump for saying the United States respected other nations' sovereignty.

Bolivian President Evo Morales has slammed U.S. President Donald Trump after his combative speech at the U.N., where he threatened what he referred to as "rogue states."

Trump Threatens Further Action Against Venezuela at UN General Assembly

“As always the U.S. president has a double standard," Morales said in an interview with teleSUR from New York at the U.N. General Assembly, where he is due to speak later today.

Morales said the U.S. president seeks to destroy any country's leader that takes an anti-imperialist stance and that leftist movements and leaders that support a socialist view should be organized and become stronger.

“I'm convinced that the U.S. uses puppets and representatives around the world that are pro-capitalists that don't respect human rights," Morales said.

The Bolivian president said that Luis Almagro, head of the Organization of American States, has tried to undermine Venezuela, seeking to promote a foreign intervention.

“I regret that the OAS is an instrument for Trump to attack countries," Morales said.

He also criticized the United States' continued blockade against Cuba, despite its rejection by the international community.

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