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  • Ramona and Susana were kidnapped and murdered in Argentina

    Ramona and Susana were kidnapped and murdered in Argentina | Photo: Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo

Published 16 August 2017

Both were members left wing revolutionary groups when they were abducted.

The bodies of two pregnant women who went missing in 1976 during Argentina's dictatorship have been found.

Argentines Fight Sentence Reductions of Dictatorship Crimes

The human rights organization, Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, says the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team has identified the remains of Ramona Benitez de Amarilla and Susana Elena Ossola de Urra.

The women were kidnapped in May 1976 in two separate incidents.

They were both pregnant when they were killed in the province of Buenos Aires.

The Grandmothers, who have been fighting for years to recover the identities and find the whereabouts of those who disappeared during the dictatorship, said "two new stories ..can be closed now."

"Since the disappearance of our sons and daughters, the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo have been looking for our grandchildren in hopes of embracing them, and giving them back their family history," said the organization in a statement. 

Ramona disappeared on May 16, 1976 and Susana was kidnapped six days later. 

Their cases are the latest of 124 disappearances which have been solved by the organization.

Argentina Resisted Dictatorship Then, It Can Resist Macri Now: Human Rights Activist

Ramona was a member of the Montoneros organization, a leftist Peron movement which developed into an armed group.

While Susana belonged to the Revolutionary People's Army.

The forced disappearance of tens of thousands of victims and kidnapping of hundreds of babies was part of the regional U.S.-backed Operation Condor counterinsurgency program aimed at wiping out leftist opposition to dictatorships in South America.

The Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo and other human rights groups in Argentina say the perpetrators of the Dirty War committed “genocide” against political dissidents.


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