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  • The senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, has apparently won the debate, increased his Twitter followers and received over a million dollars in donations.

    The senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, has apparently won the debate, increased his Twitter followers and received over a million dollars in donations. | Photo: Reuters

A couple of polls said over 75 percent of people surveyed agreed the socialist senator from Vermont won the first Democratic Party presidential debate.

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders won the Democratic Party debate Tuesday, while Hillary Clinton followed in second place, according to various major U.S. news outlets.

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Sanders campaign office reported after the debate they had received over a million dollars in donations from people who felt the presidential hopeful had made a very good impression Tuesday night.

A poll carried out by Fox News shows that 77.29 percent of the people that responded to the survey felt that the independent senator from Vermont won the debate, while only 15.9 percent voted in favor of Clinton.

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With over 38,700 votes counted in their poll, Fox News revealed that close to 30,000 voted for Sanders, while less than 6,200 did so in favor of Clinton.

The other three Democratic debaters, Jim Webb, received less than 3.5 percent of the votes placing him in third place, followed by Martin O'Malley in fourth with 2.8 percent, and Lincoln Chafee with 0.59 percent.

A poll by Slate showed similar results. Sanders topped their survey with 75 percent of the respondents' votes, while Clinton garnered only 18 percent.

The Washington Post also concluded that Sanders won the debate. They based their appraisal on the online response.

"Sanders repeatedly saw spikes in Google interest after he spoke. After his introduction. After he talked about guns. After basically everything else he said,” Washington Post reported.

The U.S. influential newspaper said that although Jim Webb attracted some attention after complaining about not having proper time to speak, it was Sanders who drew the most attention in the Internet.

“What's more,” Washington Post added, “Sanders actually overpowered the long-term king of Google, Donald Trump. During the debate, Sanders continually attracted more Google interest than Trump."

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According to the Chicago Tribune, the socialist senator from Vermont was the night's winner.

"Sanders is the reason Democrats have a serious primary race,” the Windy City newspaper reported. “And he came across Tuesday night as a candidate who believes what he believes and won't waffle. He voiced positions that will give some Democrats pause; he isn't a pacifist, he said, and as commander in chief wouldn't hesitate to take America to war."

Forbes wrote after the debate that Sanders “cleaned up on the social media service, rapidly outpacing the other four candidates when it came to adding new followers.”

Sanders gained over 35,000 new followers on Twitter during the 150-minute debate, Forbes indicated. The other four Democrats gained a combined total of just 23,000 new followers. Clinton now has 13,200 new followers, Forbes added.

“Bernie Sanders demonstrated time and again Tuesday night why he's the force vector in this race,” Forbes wrote. “If you watched, you now know why he attracts the huge crowds, the money, the energy of rank-and-file Democrats – a party to which he doesn't even belong,” Forbes said.

Experts said Sanders in general had a better night than his rival debaters, as he showcased an authenticity that was welcomed by U.S. voters.

Sanders got his biggest applause when he came to Hillary Clinton’s defense over her use of a private email server, which has plagued her campaign for over six months.

“I think the (former) secretary of state is right, the American people are sick and tired about hearing about your damn emails,” Sanders told Clinton, while the audience cheered.

He then said, “Enough of the emails – let’s talk about the real issues facing the American people.”

The Democratic Party has another presidential candidates' debate scheduled for Nov. 14.

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Even Bernie Sanders has to stay in the safe zone.I found it interesting that he says that the main threat to 'murrica's national security is global warming. He's the only one who answered that question without demonizing another country. .
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