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  • Toni Moore, Barbados Workers

    Toni Moore, Barbados Workers' Union General Secretary. | Photo: www.bwu-bb.org

Published 21 August 2017

“Believe it or not we still have to be dealing with the age-old challenge of some companies refusing the union recognition," said Toni Moore.

Union-busting companies in Barbados have been put on notice by the Barbados Workers' Union. Toni Moore, BWU's general secretary has vowed that not only will such businesses be named and shamed, but union members will be encouraged to boycott the company's services and products, according to CaribFlame.

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“Believe it or not we still have to be dealing with the age-old challenge of some companies refusing the union recognition, refusing any attempt by the union to speak on behalf of people who are registered members of this union, refusing any attempts by the Ministry of Labor to conciliate,” said Moore.

Speaking at a press conference introducing the union's 76th annual delegates conference, she also noted that “it is our intention to expose these challenges to our conference and to take decisions up to, and including, a national promotion for a boycott of our members from purchasing from that company.”

Moore stressed that nobody should expect BWU to have knowledge of any company that implements practices detrimental to workers' rights and “not expose it to the public.”

She added that “while people will want to suggest that the militants of the union and certain approaches of the union are no longer necessary, we recognize that we cannot behave in the same old way to all situations.

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"But if people are bringing old tactics and schemes in our labor market interaction then we must be able to confront these in the way that we have always confronted them,” she concluded.

Three weeks ago a company called the police after a union representative called into question corporate policies that contradicted union negotiated agreements Moore revealed.

In the past decade, BWU has engaged in contentious labor disputes with companies such as Sandy Lane and Royal Shop.

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