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  • Continuing into the second day of the organization

    Continuing into the second day of the organization's three-day convention, the group soundly condemned any and all threats to international peace. | Photo: AFP

Published 4 September 2017

In their statement, the BRICS leaders called for dialogue as the path toward peace.

BRICS leaders have denounced military intervention and sanctions that have led to conflicts around the world, declaring that the international community needs to stand up and advocate for peace, during the ninth summit of the five nations in China.

Brics Summit Underway in Xiamen, China

"We condemn military interventions and unilateral economic sanctions, and the arbitrary use of unilateral measures that violate international legality and established norms of international relations," they said via joint statement.

In the document they stressed that "no country can strengthen its security to the detriment of that of other nations," adding that there can only be lasting peace in the world when there is a different approach, "based on mutual trust, justice, and cooperation," with the aim of "eradicating the causes of political, economic and social conflicts."

The heads of state Xi Jinping, China; Vladimir Putin, Russia; Narendra Modi, India; Michel Temer, Brazil; and Jacob Zuma, South Africa are continuing the second day of the group's three-day meeting in the coastal Chinese town of Xiamen.

Although the group criticized the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for its successful hydrogen bomb test on Sunday, it called for direct dialogue between all parties involved and peaceful means as a method to resolve it, stating, "We express deep concern about the current tension and the prolonged nuclear conflict in the Korean peninsula."

Chinese President XI Jinping stated, "We must speak with one voice in the conflicts that concern international peace," adding that the international community deserved more active participation from the five nations, which plan to “play a more active role in global governance.”

As NAFTA Negotiations Continue, Mexican President Peña Nieto Attends BRICS Summit

Specifically, the host of the 9th Summit of emerging countries called for the creation of sufficient dialogue conditions to resolve the conflicts in Syria, Libya and Palestine.

The group also spoke out against terrorism as well as any form of support for it, whether it be financial, military, or neglect of persecution of criminals, stating that those responsible for the crimes must be penalized, adding that nations ought to adopt a comprehensive and an offensive approach to combat terrorism.

Additionally, their statement detailed the importance of supporting cultural exchanges among other initiatives which they plan to undertake. Among these would be green energy development, poverty eradication, and a program called the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development they hope to implement to balance and positively affect economies, societies, and the environment.

The group announced that Beijing will launch a program of about US$76 million to promote the economic and technical cooperation of the five nations.

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