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    Argentina's President Mauricio Macri | Photo: Reuters

Published 15 July 2017

Political parties will choose their candidates in the primary elections on August 13 and the legislative elections are bein held in October.

Argentina's President Mauricio Macri has restated his intention to reform the electoral law via a modification of the country's constitution.

Argentina’s Macri Pushes 1.5 Million People Into Poverty: Study

“We have to sit down and discuss all the reforms we want to modernize Argentina, and head towards a system with elections every four years,” Macri said in an interview with Radio Mitre.

In his opinion, the reform would allow elected officials to “focus on people's issues” instead of preparing for electoral campaigns every two years as they do with the current system.

However, with just a few weeks to go before the primary elections for Congress, Macri said “It seems to me that such a system would be much healthier, but it would clearly require a constitutional reform".

The country's political parties will choose their candidates in the primary elections on August 13 and the legislative elections will take place on October 22.

As the electoral campaign gets underway, Macri has announced plans to lower taxes and promised that the inflation rate will soon fall.

Last year, Argentina hit a 41 percent inflation rate, the highest level seen in the South American country in 14 years, during Macri's first year in office.

The main goods and services affected by the price hikes were living expenses and basic items, which increased by 70 percent.

Transportation saw an increase of 40 percent and food and beverages experienced a 33 percent hike.  

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