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    Argentina's Macri has become the face of right-wing politics in Latin America. | Photo: Reuters

Published 12 May 2016

Temer shares the same neoliberal approach as Macri, as well as his approach to the United States.  

Argentine President Mauricio Macri is the first world leader to congratulate Michel Temer on becoming Brazil's interim president after staging her ouster in the Senate—a congratulations that came after Temer was first tricked by an Argentine radio host impersonating the head of state.

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"The Argentine government expresses its respect to the institutional process underway," Macri said in a statement, released just a few hours after the impeachment process was approved on Thursday.

"Given the events happening in Brazil, the Argentine government is confident that the outcome of this situation will consolidate the strength of Brazilian democracy," the statement reads.

Temer was victim of a prank earlier, however, when radio El Mundo called him and host Jorge Garcia pretended to be President Macri. He congratulated Temer for his “climb," and Temer accepted the compliment and told him that he wanted to visit him in Argentina.

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By contrast, Ecuador became the first government to offer support to President Dilma Rousseff, calling her ouster a threat to democracy.

“The Ecuadorean government backs Brazil and the constitutional government of President Rousseff, legitimate custodian of the popular mandate expressed in the last democratic elections," the statement said, referring to Rousseff's 2014 victory.

Brazil's Senate approved on Thursday the impeachment process against President Dilma Rousseff, which entails her suspension from office for six months. The approval came with 55 votes in favor and 22 against, with one abstention.

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