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  • Castro amid cheering crowds in 2005.

    Castro amid cheering crowds in 2005. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A ceremony has been held to highlight Latin American solidarity as advanced by Castro.

Tributes have been paid to the late Cuban leader and revolutionary Fidel Castro Ruz at Cuba's Embassy in Argentina on the eve of the 91st anniversary of his birth

Argentine Communist Party Leader Patricio Echegaray Dies at 70

The ceremony in Buenos Aires emphazised Latin American solidarity as propounded by Fidel, as well as the leader’s ideas, struggle, philosophy and spirit.

The Head of Affairs at the Cuban Embassy, Aniurka Ortiz, said that while August 13, 2017 marks the first year without the physical presence of Fidel, “it is a date to reiterate the commitment of what he left us, not only Cubans and Argentinians, but the world.”

Argentine writer, journalist and a supporter of Cuba and its Revolution, Stella Calloni, invited those atending the event to fight for the liberation of Latin America, just as Fidel had done.

"#Cuba is ours, Fidel and America #IAmFidel."

Also during the ceremony, the General Council of the Argentinean Association of Actors called Fidel an inspiration to those who, like him, have devoted their lives to defending human rights.

The groups gathered also unequivocally denounced recent attacks made against Cuba by the United States and in particular, the country’s president, Donald Trump.

Born in 1926 to a prominent landowner in Holguín Province, Cuba, Fidel went on to lead Cuba’s revolutionary independence movement, defeating the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959.

Soon after taking power, Fidel adopted an explicitly socialist model of development and forged strong ties with the Soviet Union, earning the wrath of the United States.

Crimea Unveils Monument Honoring Cuban Hero Fidel Castro

For the next 48 years, until resigning in 2008, Fidel led the tiny island nation to historic levels of development, leading the world in many social indicators, including literacy and public health rates.

Many leftists across Latin America and throughout the world have been inspired by the late revolutionary.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Argentina, Patricio Echegaray (R) with Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro (L). | Photo: Commons Archive

Last week, a historic leader within the Argentine left and General Secretary of the Communist Party of Argentina, Patricio Echegaray, died. Echegaray had been a close comrade of Fidel’s, and had also stood in solidarity with the Cuban Revolution.


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