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  • One of the main requests from Russian entrepreneurs was Argentinian meat. (Photo: Reuters)

    One of the main requests from Russian entrepreneurs was Argentinian meat. (Photo: Reuters) | Photo: Reuters

Published 21 September 2014

Argentina's exports to Russia could increase from US$716 million to $US1.8 billion.

Argentina's exports to Russia could triple in 2015 due to European Union (EU) and U.S. sanctions against Russia, an Argentine official announced on Saturday.

Argentina's Secretary for Political-Institutional Coordination and Farming Emergencies, Javier Rodriguez, said that if all requests from Russia to Argentine businessmen were fulfilled, the country would export around US$1.8 billion to Russia in 2015. 

Last week, Rodriguez traveled along with 100 Argentine businessmen and politicians to Russia on a commercial mission.

The Argentine delegation participated in the World-Food fair that took place in Moscow from September 15 to September 18. World-Food is an international meeting of food and beverages entrepreneurs.

“The participation of Argentine entrepreneurs in this international fair shows the capacity of our businessmen, and the huge possibilities for Argentina's food industry,” Argentina's Minister of Industry, Debora Giorgi said on Monday, during an event at the fair.

Russian entrepreneurs asked Argentina's representatives mainly for dairy and cold meats, as well as fish, sweets, and fruits.

In 2013, Argentine exports to Russia reached US$716 million, while imports were around US$1.72 billion.

In August, Russia's government banned the importation of food from the European Union and United States, in response to the commercial and political sanctions that they imposed on Russia over the conflict in the Ukraine.

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