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  • Marina Menegazzo, 21 (L), and Maria Jose Coni, 22 (R) were found dead in Ecuador

    Marina Menegazzo, 21 (L), and Maria Jose Coni, 22 (R) were found dead in Ecuador's coastal town of Montanita. | Photo: Facebook

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The families of two young Argentine women murdered in Ecuador's Montañita beach want a second opinion on the investigation.

Four specialists will be sent to Ecuador to assist in the investigation of the murders of two young Argentine women in the Ecuadorean coastal town of Montañita, Argentine Federal Police officials said.

The specialists are being sent in response to a request from the families of the victims.

The team was expected to arrive in Quito on Thursday to assist in the investigation, which is being conducted by local authorities.

The team, which is being led by Inspector Francisco Daniel Guglielmo, includes evidence, chemical and forensic specialists.

The bodies of Marina Menegazzo, 21, and Maria Jose Coni, 22, were found last week in Montañita.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the killings, with a judge ruling that they be held in preventive detention. The two suspects allegedly met the young women and took them to a house where they killed them, said Ecuadorean police.

The young women's relatives have questioned Ecuadorean official versions of events and said the tourists may have been killed by a human trafficking ring.

President Rafael Correa said Wednesday on a radio show that the request for Argentine experts in the case "could be considered an insult to the country," but he said it was understandable from the standpoint of the families. 


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