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  • Leaders of the Justice Workers

    Leaders of the Justice Workers' Union announced a march against harsh labor reforms in Argentina. | Photo: Press UEJN

Published 7 November 2017

The Justice Workers' Union, a longtime supporter of President Mauricio Macri, has announced a strike against the government.

After a confrontation with Argentine President Mauricio Macri, the Justice Workers' Union has announced a national strike against his government and its proposed labor reforms, including reducing the budget for the judicial sector.

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The union, known as UEJN, called on all workers to be absent from work and join a large march on Nov. 15 in the iconic Plaza de Mayo in the city of Buenos Aires, after Macri criticized judicial workers in the country.

"It is nonsense to say that the judiciary workers are responsible for the alleged malfunction of justice," said union leader Julio Piumato.

Piumato, who supported Macri from the beginning of his tenure, said the government plans on cutting the budget for the judicial sector, including reducing the budget and salaries for workers. 

"It is a lie that we are overstaffed, justice has collapsed, the volume of work grew," Piumato said. 

UEJN called for a national strike on Nov. 15 at 10 a.m. against labor reforms in the judicial system.

He said the government was responsible for not giving the tools needed for justice to work in the country. According to the union, a draft of the government's labor reform was published that will extend working hours and restrict licenses for judges

"It's all a provocation, knowing that they neither save money nor does it bring speed and efficiency," Piumato said. "They want to advance on the judicial power stepping over the workers."

Piumato said the government plans to manipulate justice to its benefit and reduce the budget to meet their goals "and continue to indebt the country."

"They want to make people believe that the failure of justice is the responsibility of the judicial workers. It's the other way around."

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