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  • Protests against Obama

    Protests against Obama's visit in Argentina, March 23, 2016. | Photo: AFP

Published 24 March 2016

The protests come amid a state visit from U.S. President Barack Obama.

Human rights organizations, social movements and labor groups are taking to the streets of Argentina today to mark a public holiday known as the "Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice."

Protesters will will participate in acts of civil disobedience to commemorate the victims of the dictatorship and Dirty War, backed by the United States, which left up to 30,000 killed or disappeared.



The marches are expected to include the participation of around 500,000 people, who will pay tribute to the victims and reiterate their condemnation of the actions carried out under the military dictatorship. 

The protests coincide with the 40th anniversary of the 1976 coup.

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During his official visit to the country, U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to appear at Memorial Park alongside Macri to pay tribute to the victims of the 1976-1983 dictatorship. 

Members of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo announced that they will not attend the ceremony. 

“Mothers-Founding Line, Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Relatives of the Detained and the Disappeared for Political Reasons and the HIJOS group, took the decision of not participating in any official event along with the US president,” Taty Almeida, a leading member of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo said.

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