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  • Abby Martin

    Abby Martin | Photo: teleSUR

Published 21 September 2017

Abby Martin sat with Professor Chris Gilbert to learn about the rise of Chavismo and the threats it faces from the opposition.

The latest episode of Abby Martin's "Empire Files" has delved into the birth of Chavismo, the socialist ideology of the Bolivarian Revolution, and the fight to protect its legacy in Venezuela.

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In an interview with Professor Chris Gilbert in Caracas, Venezuela, Martin unpicks the rise of the Chavez movement, its role in society and the threats it faces from the U.S-.backed opposition.

"One of the most important things to point out is that this is an authentic revolution that has profound roots and it expresses the desire of the majority of the population," Gilbert tells Martin. "That is a tremendous achievement."

"Whatever the failings of the current government," he continues, "it is the representative of the popular movement."

Venezuela has dominated headlines in recent months while it struggles with unilateral U.S. sanctions and violent right-wing protests.

But despite the tensions, millions of Venezuelans continue to follow the ideology of Chavez, the late Venezuelan who set the country on its current path of socialist development, anti-imperialism, national renewal and popular power.

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