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Published 19 October 2016

Hillary Clinton is a “militaristic war hawk in sheep’s clothes,” says the teleSUR host.

The host of teleSUR program “The Empire Files” Abby Martin has warned Hillary Clinton’s policy on Russia could lead to a return of Cold War hostilities.

Abby Martin's Empire Files Explores Roots of Israeli Occupation

In an exclusive interview with teleSUR, the progressive journalist described the position of the democratic presidential candidate as “extremely dangerous,” arguing that Clinton’s accusations that Russia hacked the Democratic National Convention were “very, very scary.”

“This is not funny, it’s not a joke. We need to take a step back with this rhetoric but Hillary Clinton is at the forefront of this rhetoric. And not just Russia, China too.”

According to the teleSUR host, if elected, Clinton will look to defend U.S. economic interests by signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, known as the TPP.

“She will, I promise, she will pass it as soon as she is elected,” said Martin, in reference to the controversial trade deal.

“She knows that the next step will be Russia and China as our next biggest economic rivals.”

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