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  • A woman endures labor in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

    A woman endures labor in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. | Photo: Doctors Without Borders

Published 13 July 2017

Authorities are worried about the situation of Haitian women in the Dominican Republic.

A staggering 30 percent of women who die in the Dominican Republic due to complications related to pregnancy or childbirth are Haitians migrants.

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Dominican Minister of Health Altagracia Guzman Marcelino said these women cross the border to receive healthcare and give birth.

"The lack of a real health care system in the neighboring nation of Haiti creates a breeding ground for pregnant women in that country to illegally cross the border to give birth in hospitals in the Dominican Republic," Guzman said.

This phenomenon, according to Guzman, is creating supply shortages in Dominican Republic hospitals. 

Human trafficking has also become an aggravating factor, with people charging money to bring migrant women to the Caribbean country to give birth.

Haitian women receiving health care in the Dominican Republic don't have residence data and have never visited a doctor during their pregnancy, according to the Minister.

"When health inspectors go out and look for the address of these Haitian pregnant women, they never find them, which prevents them from knowing their history of prenatal screening," Guzman said.

Nonetheless, the Ministry of Health reaffirmed that the country cannot deny attention to any human being, regardless of their nationality or immigration status. 

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