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    Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez and Association of Caribbean States Secretary General June Soomer meet in Caracas. | Photo: @vencancilleria

Published 20 April 2017

Caribbean leader June Soomer called for stronger relations between Venezuela and other Caribbean states.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez held a meeting in Caracas with the Association of Caribbean States Secretary General June Soomer Thursday to strengthen common projects and regional integration.

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"We have held a fruitful working meeting for the development and union of our peoples. Together with June Soomer, we reviewed issues related to the integration of our region," said Rodriguez in statements transmitted by VTV channel.

Soomer said on behalf of the ACS that the meeting with the Venezuelan foreign minister was "for the benefit of our peoples. I would like us to continue to strengthen relationships among all Caribbean countries," adding, "The ACS wants cooperative relations with Venezuela to be further strengthened."

She thanked the Venezuelan people for their efforts to maintain the union of all nations, "We follow the example of the Liberator Simon Bolivar to secure and strengthen our relations."

Venezuela was unanimously elected president of the association on March 9, Rodriguez, referring to the election said, "For Venezuela ... it is a commitment to the Caribbean countries to take the reins of this organization."

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The ACS is made up of 25 member states and 11 associated states. "It is necessary to retake the roots of the peoples and work for the identity of nations. This also serves to show the truth about Venezuela," Rodriguez added.

The convention establishing the ACS was signed on July 24, 1994, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, as "a product of the desire of ... Contracting States, Countries and Territories of the Greater Caribbean to enhance cooperation within the region, an initiative aimed at building upon obvious geographic proximity and well-documented historical linkages," according to the ACS website.

The seventh summit of the association took place in Havana, Cuba in June 2016 where states took up evaluating capacities, joining efforts, integrating and concluding development projects, among other topics.

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