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  • Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma (Photo: AVN).

    Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma (Photo: AVN).

Two Venezuelan's deported from Colombia link the current Mayor of Metropolitan Caracas with violent protest that killed over 40 people in video released Friday.

The Venezuelan government released the most recent video evidence Friday tying the Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma to violence in the country earlier this year.

In the video, which was shown on the TV program Zurda Konducta (Left Conduct), three young opposition leaders explicitly names Ledezma as providing material support to those organizing the "guarimbas", the violent protests that killed over 40 people and caused billions in damage across Venezuela.

In the video, opposition youth leader Lorent Gomez Saleh explains, "Ledezma is key...he is an old fox, you cannot sell nor buy that kind of experience...the politician that has most supported us is Ledezma, for that reason he was our presidential candidate."

Saleh and another opposition leader Gabriel Valles were expelled from Colombia in early September after the pair tried to register at a military academy with falsified identification. In previously released videos, Saleh and Valles speak about their plans to cause violence against people and public infrastructure, saying "we have everything: guns... here we've been able to get a few things... we just need (bullet proof) vests and rifles. Everything is ready "

In the latest video, Saleh connects Ledezma to the youth camps, the base of operations for the violence in Caracas specifically. Venezuelan authorities disbanded the camps last year and made hundreds of arrests. "In Caracas (Ledezma) has also supported and is always very attentive," says Saleh.

Saleh also incriminates Ronny Navarro, alias "Guerrilla", as the youth leader responsible for organizing the violence from the camps. 

This is the third video released this week connecting Ledezma to the destabilization plans in Venezuela.


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