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  • Privert speaking during a presidential address.

    Privert speaking during a presidential address. | Photo: Youtube / La Ville de Cayes

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After the previous elections were found to be marred with irregularities, Privert has called for elections to be held this fall.

Haiti's interim president Jocelerme Privert signed a decree on Wednesday calling for new elections on October 9, months after the October 2015 General Elections were declared invalid due to alleged irregularities, news outlets reported.

Haiti Has No Legal President After Congress Fails to Meet

In a message on Tuesday night to the nation, the president declared that "elections are vital for the country's future," as Hoy.com reported.

"We are in crisis and we have to take our responsibility as a statesman," said Privert, whose term had officially ended on June 14, but remains in office still because Congress has failed to make a decision about their future three times already.

Privert, who before taking office last February 15 was president of the Senate, also added that "without the October elections the Parliament will not be able to operate next year. There are 10 senators who complete their mandates this year end and without them we will not have a parliament."

The interim leader accused the parliament of "lethargy" in resolving the political crisis. "The people will suffer but they are in no hurry to improve the situation of people," he said.

He announced that the elections will cost US$55 million, and urged everyone to participate in the elections for the continuation of democracy in Haiti.

Haiti Power Void Extends, UN Warns of 'Institutional Vacuum'

Last year’s disqualified elections cost US$100 million and was financed largely by the international community. Since then, there has been a creation of a commission on electoral verification, which was the body that recommended holding the presidential elections. However, previous donor countries have said they will not help in financing these new elections.


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