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World Day of Social Justice

TeleSUR commemorates World Day of Social Justice, celebrated annually on Feb. 20, by highlighting important social movements and issues around the world.

Social Movements and Social Issues


Mexico Elections: Social Justice Issues That Mobilize Voters

Parties have already chosen their candidates, independent candidates have already been determined and the pre-campaign period is over. All is set for the major political event in the Latin American country.  READ MORE

Remembering the 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Bhutan's Lhotshampas

At least 80,000 Lhotshampa living in the south of the country were forced to leave in the early 1990s by the ruling monarchy at the time as it enacted the single identity policy, "one nation, one people."  READ MORE

Al Hussein Points to Genocide of Rohingya in Myanmar

“You cannot rule out the possibility that acts of genocide have been committed," says the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.  READ MORE

Peruvian Court Orders Fujimori Be Prosecuted for 1992 Massacre

The humanitarian pardon will not apply to the Pativilca case and Fujimori will be judged for the murder of six people in Pativilca.  READ MORE

Amid Peace Talks, 2 More Social Leaders Assassinated in Colombia

Several social movements in the region have denounced the death of the two leaders. READ MORE

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Mexico Elections: Social Justice Issues That Mobilize Voters

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