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Syria Crisis

Syria's six-year turmoil has entered a new stage, with the United States launching its first-ever unprovoked military attack against the government of Bashar Assad following a recent chemical attack that killed over 80 civilians.

With a political solution looking increasingly out of sight, Washington's intervention marks a deadly turning point, one that could lead to an even greater loss of life and political upheaval.

teleSUR examines the roots of the conflict, how it has developed and what this next stage might mean for Syria, the Middle East and the world. 

If You Watch Just One Thing


US Missile Attack

US Attacks Syrian Base with 59 Missiles After Chemical Attack

The United States launched attacks against the Syrian Army in response to the recent chemical attack that killed 70 people in Syria, which Washington and most Western countries blame on the government of Bashar Assad. READ MORE

Global Outrage


Bolivia Blasts US Missile Attack on Syria

Lambasting the United States' aggression against Syria, Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations Sacha Llorenti compared the basis for the unilateral move to former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's infamous 2003 presentation to the body, when fraudulent evidence of an alleged Iraqi weapons program was presented to justify the U.S. war on Iraq. READ MORE

'Unlawful and Unconstitutional': US Politicians React to Syria Attack

Several prominent U.S. politicians from across the political spectrum called President Trump's unilateral attack on Syria Thursday "unlawful" and "unconstitutional." READ MORE

International Law


The Escalating War on Syria and Need for International Law

International law has been undermined and replaced by “humanitarian law," contributing to the current disastrous situation whereby a war is being waged under a humanitarian pretext. READ MORE

US Attacks on Syria Constitutes International Armed Conflict: Red Cross

The situation in Syria "amounts to an international armed conflict" following U.S. missile strikes on a Syrian airbase, the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC, told Reuters. READ MOREf

Failure of the Left


How Most of the US Left Failed Syria

As U.S.-backed jihadists invaded Syrian neighborhoods, imposed a reign of terror and tried to force state collapse, many segments of the U.S. left cheered the armed groups and ignored their victims. READ MORE

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“Moreover, such aggressions can never have any negative effect on the axis of resistance which supports the state in Syria in its war against the terrorist groups,” the statement continued.

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The World Reacts to the US Attack on Syria

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US Attacks Syrian Base with 59 Missiles After Chemical Attack

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Syria Crisis

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