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  • Cristina Fernandez, President of Argentina. (Photo: Reuters)

    Cristina Fernandez, President of Argentina. (Photo: Reuters)

This week, Argentina's high level officials denounced actions taken against the government of Cristina Fernandez. 

The head of the Argentinean Cabinet, Jorge Capitanich, denounced this week the existence of an active coup attempt by the Judicial Power against the democratically elected government of President Cristina Fernandez and its officials.

In a press conference, Capitanich accused the justice system of orchestrating a coordinated attack against the government using false accusations that he suggests reflect an active coup strategy.

The chief of the Cabinet defined the action as "a clear political and judicial harassment," and stressed the need to respond to this coup attempt. 

Capitanich made his statements in reference to the raid against Hotesur SA ordered by judge Claudio Bonadio where Fernandez holds stocks as a private Argentinean citizen. 

Judge Bonadio acted according to a demand presented by deputy Margarita Stollbize who denounced an alleged irregularity in the management of Hotesur SA, but without presenting any concrete evidence.

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