24 June 2016 - 02:50 PM
Trump and 4 Other Crazy Things That Happened over Brexit
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People in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union prompting Prime Minister to announce Friday morning plans to resign.

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks following a news conference, at his Turnberry golf course, in Turnberry, Scotland, Britain June 24, 2016.

The Brexit decision won by more than 1 million votes with 51.89 percent versus 48.11 percent for the campaign to stay in the EU. A total of 119 local areas voted "remain," while a majority of 263 areas voted "leave."

But as people were voting and in the aftermath of the vote, several strange things happened, which in a sense, is in keeping with the historic scope of the decision and its drastic consequences.

teleSUR looks at at least five things that took place that had people confused, shocked and also laughing.

1. Donald Trump Congratulates UK From a Golf Court in Scotland

U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump told the BBC it is a "great thing" that the people of the United Kingdom have "taken back their country" in voting to leave the EU.

His comments came as he arrived at Trump Turnberry for the reopening of the refurbished Open venue golf resort.

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"People want to take their country back. They want to have independence in a sense. You see it with Europe, all over Europe," said Trump, 70, the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

He further argued that the outcome of the "Brexit" vote was an example of a global uprising against the established order, an argument he said fits in with his own campaign to shake up Washington by renegotiating free trade deals and stopping illegal immigration.

The thing is he is in Scotland, a part of the U.K. where people came out in favor of staying in the EU and where the leadership has vowed to call for an independence referendum just hours after the results of Brexit.

2. Lindsay Lohan Live-Tweeting Brexit

To the shock of everyone on the planet, controversial actress and celebrity Lindsay Lohan came out in support of the "remain" vote in Brexit as she passionately live-tweeted results for the referendum and was extremely disappointed when it seemed the "leave" vote was leading.

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Lohan even criticized the BBC's coverage of events and demanded to know why “this woman” was “speaking on people rather than TELLING us what happens if UK LEAVES?”

“#REMAIN Sorry, but #KETTERING where are you&why is this woman@BBCNews speaking on people rather than TELLING us what happens if UK LEAVES?” she said in a tweet.

However, No one knows why she was doing that. For some reason all her tweets about the Brexit have been deleted making people wonder if it was really her ...

3. Fox News Reported That the UK Left … the United Nations​

Fox news had a different way of reporting on the Brexit as the controversial and conservative TV channel told its dedicated viewers, who never doubt its reports, that the United Kingdom had indeed voted to leave the United Nations, not the European Union.

"British PM says he will step down. U.K. votes to leave the U.N.," Fox News flashed the headline as Prime Minister announced his plans to resign.

Well, most agreed it was not the first time the channel had questionable reporting to say the least.

4. Residents of London and Other Cities Called for Independence from the UK

Residents of the British capital London, which was the only region across England and Wales to vote in favor of remaining in the EU, would not have it.

A petition calling for London mayor Sadiq Khan to declare the city independent from the U.K. was also set up online which had more than 58,000 backers by Friday afternoon.

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James O'Malley, who set up the petition, wrote: "London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe.

Also Londoners on social media were calling for the city to break away from Britain using #LondonIndependence on Twitter.

“London, of course, voted overwhelmingly to stay. So, the campaign starts here. Independence for London within the EU!” Twitter user Richard Crowest wrote Friday.

5. A Bit Too Late? Brits Across the Country Google Searching 'What Is the EU?'

“What is the EU, anyway?” was the second top question asked on Google search by residents of the United Kingdom Friday morning, just hours after the majority of the country voted to leave the European bloc.

According to Google Trends data, the top question was “What does it mean to leave the EU?” which many experts are struggling to answer. Another top question was “Which countries are in the EU?”

Well, the answer to that question is very likely to change sooner rather than later.

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