16 November 2015 - 03:15 PM
'El Chapo' Sources: Mexican Government Lies, Guzman Not Nearly Arrested
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Two solid sources, very close to powerful Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, told teleSUR late Sunday that the Sinaloa cartel leader has not been injured and was by no means nearly arrested, agreeing that the Mexican government is “lying,” possibly to convince the U.S. it is doing all it can to recapture him.

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, two of the world

“It's all lies. It's pure politics,” said Antonio Lopez Salcido, a relative of deceased infamous drug trafficker Manuel “Cochiloco” Salcido Uzeta. “El Chapo has a huge personal army of more than 300 gunmen prepared to defend him and he also enjoys full protection and fluid information from federal authorities.”

Lopez made it clear to teleSUR that he wanted his real name left out of this story, “not because I fear El Chapo, but rather the government. They really get pissed when we expose them.”

He also said he had no problem explaining the truth regarding the government versions that special forces nearly arrested El Chapo early in October after being spotted on foot.

“You tell me if you believe that bullshit. El Chapo has been where he has always been since he left jail,” Lopez added. “He has no reason to leave his area of influence. All the communities and all the people are with him because he has done more for them than the government has ever done.”

Lopez was recently released from jail after serving a 10-year sentence for drug trafficking, and he is originally from a small community in the mountainous region of Sinaloa called La Anona, just a few miles from Jesus Maria, where El Chapo has family and where his stronghold begins.

“I was recently up further than Jesus Maria to run an errand for (drug lord Rafael) Caro Quintero and he was there with El Chapo and El Mayo (Ismael Zambada, another very powerful drug trafficker),” he said.

The source explained that the three multi-billionaire drug traffickers have been working together for decades and said that based on bribes and donations to the highest levels of government, they are “basically untouchable.”

Julio “El Tio” Martinez, who works for a Sinaloa Cartel top operative known only as Aquiles, agreed with Lopez.

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“I've told you before, El Chapo is in the mountainous region between Jesus Maria and his place of origin in Badiraguato. He controls all of it in partnership with don Rafael (Caro Quintero) and 'El Mayo,'” said El Tio.

He said that all three of them have more power than the president himself.

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“They pay tens of millions, if not billions to all these hypocritical politicians, two federal security forces, the army, the marines, to all them. They would not dare touch neither of them as they would be betraying agreements that through the years total billions of dollars in cash,” he added.

Caro Quintero was released from jail under highly dubious circumstances despite being demanded for extradition by the United States for narcotics smuggling and in relation to the torture and death of a DEA agent over two decades ago.

El Mayo reportedly owns one of the largest milk factories in northwestern Mexico – Lecheria Santa Monica – all of the McDonald's in, at least, Sinaloa state capital Culiacan, and many other businesses across the country and in other nations.

However, El Mayo has never even been issued a traffic ticket and there is no talk in government regarding his arrest.

Same goes for Caro Quintero, who although spent close to 30 years in jail, continued to run his empire from behind bars and increased his fortune to the tens of billions, according to DEA files.

Also, in spite of a government admission that it had made a mistake releasing him, there is no apparent will to recapture him.

“I just want to say the government is lying. They must know why. They lie about who is killing who. They blame the deaths of journalist on us. The accuse us of killing politicians, but the truth is that we are all about business ... that is the business of making money,” he said.

El Tio explained that the least thing any drug trafficker is to draw attention by killing journalists or politicians or activists.

“All the contrary, the man I work for, Aquiles, is usually in charge of cleaning up cities where the police has proven to be incapable. Where there is a high rate of kidnappings, car robberies, extortion to businesses, Aquiles and his crew come in and clean up so that business can be carried out peacefully without complaints from the local population,” Martinez said.

“I also just want to say that we know we are no innocent pigeons, but believe me when I say the government is far worse to society than we are. We have built churches, schools, clinics, roads and taken electricity and water to places the government never showed will to do so,” he said.

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