Russian Revolution at 100


Russian communist supporters carry flags and a portrait of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin on the 99th anniversary of the 1917 October revolution, Nov. 7, 2016.Reuters
To this day, the October Revolution continues to be celebrated. Here, Russian communist supporters carry a banner readingReuters
Arresting and escorting plainclothes policemen, Petrograd, 1917.Wikimedia Commons
While the Bolsheviks gathered outside, inside the Winter Palace cadets maintained their last guard.Wikimedia Commons
The Red Guards seized the Winter Palace on Nov. 7, 1917 in what was a largely bloodless insurrection.Wikimedia Commons
Red Guard unit of the Vulkan factory in Petrograd, Oct. 1917.Wikimedia Commons
Lenin, analyzing World War I, said that workers had no duty to fight in the imperialist war.Public Domain
Demoralized and devastated by the war, and unwilling to quell workers’ demonstrations on the streets of Petrograd, regiment after regiment of soldiers in the city’s army garrison defected to join Bolshevik and socialist rebels on March 12, forcing the resignation of the imperial government and heralding the triumph of the February Revolution in Russia – which eventually paved the way for the October Socialist Revolution led by Lenin and the Bolshevik Party.Public Domain
Lenin rallies a huge crowd of supporters before storming the Winter Palace.Wikimedia Commons