Hamas and Hezbollah Back Calls for 'New Intifada'


After announcement by Trump, more than 250,000 protesters took to the streets in Gaza.Reuters
"The only way to deal with the Zionist policy, which has backing from the United States, is sparking a new intifada against the occupation and welcome resistance to this occupation," Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas, said in a speech in Gaza City.Reuters
Although Trump claims to be advocating the peace process in Palestine, protesters are rejecting U.S. support for the Israeli occupation.Reuters
Palestinian leaders have called for "three days of rage" - periods of mass protest and civil disobedience.Reuters
Previous periods of mass Palestinian resistance, known as Intifadas, met with heavy Israeli repression, even against children.Reuters
In spite of the massive U.S.-backed military apparatus, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are risking their lives to fight back against Israeli occupation.Reuters
The PFLP (pictured) issued a statement not only condemning Trump's decision, but calling on Palestinians to "learn the necessary lessons from the devastating experience of reliance on negotiations and U.S. domination and announce the immediate withdrawal from the Oslo agreement and all subsequent and attendant obligations."Reuters
In addition to Hamas and the PFLP, Fatah militants have been taking to the streets to demonstrate their outrage.Reuters
A Palestinian man prays as violent street protests continue around him.Reuters
Heavily armed Israeli forces and police have historically responded with violence against Palestinians, killing thousands during periods of resistance.Reuters