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China is leading the way into space and looking for cooperation from countries around the world.

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Guinness' new sustainable carrier packaging aims to help the beverage company reduce its annual plastic waste by 400,000 kilograms. 

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Ralph Lauren collaborated with First Mile, who in turn, works with entrepreneurs in low-income communities in Taiwan to collect recyclable plastic bottles, which are then processed into a high-quality yarn.

This site is special because new species have been discovered which are still being investigated. Some of the bones were of animals that lived over 231 million years ago in the Triassic period

"It's exciting, because it's the first time it's ever been seen in space," co-Author David Neufeld said.

Singapore is home to several leading higher education institutes, which attract academics from around the world.

The AI research lab will work to create solutions for healthcare, educations, and agriculture.

A similar 2016 DNA-switching technique was used to avoid transmission of a mother's hereditary illness.

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