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Latin America

The Venezuelan president met with representatives of the health sector, from Russia, Cuba and the Pan-American Health Organization (OPS), in the Miraflores Palace (head of the state's executive branch), to discuss how to strengthen Venezuela’s health system

The IMF and Ecuadorian officials only reached a “Staff-Level” Agreement on a US$4.2 billion to be approved if the country fulfills several policy conditions.

Venezuela had already suspended flights and some land borders with Colombia. 


The fire has revived concern about lax enforcement of building safety regulations which have caused deadly fires in past. 

"Controversies are expected about the proposal, but I really hope our homosexual friends can wait a bit longer," Premier Su Tseng-chang said.

U.S. resorts once again to high-pressure tactics as a means to alter trade relationships in the short run.

Feb. 21 is the International mother language day i.e., a day to celebrate mother language. However, UNESCO said that a language disappears every two weeks.


Young players, from one of Brazil's most popular football teams, are among the victims.

Following Iran's Asian Cup semi-final loss to Japan, Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz stepped-down from "Team Melli." The former Manchester United assistant coach is set to be unveiled as Technical Director of the Colombian national team. 


Over 40,000 bodies make up the eery structure which stands in the mining town of Kutna Hora in central Czech Republic.

"Marighella, (was a) black, revolutionary, (who) was assassinated by State forces in 1969 in his car and, 50 years later, a black counselor died the same way at the hands, most likley, of agents of the State," said Moura making a reference to Marielle Franco.

The Ainu people have long been repressed by a forced-assimilation policy which has resulted in significant income and education gaps.

A group of actresses allegedly planned to ask that Roma star Yalitza Aparicio be excluded from the Ariel awards.

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