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A un mes de haber iniciado el plan de recuperación económica en la nación suramericana, el mandatario detalló el avance de las diez lineas que lo abordan. Full Story

Latin America
"We need and want you to evaluate this resolution. The Inter-American Court indicates that there are certain requirements. Alberto Fujimori has not paid a single Sol." 
The rapporteur also highlighted an increasing number of people going to soup kitchens or skipping meals, and children relying entirely on school feeding programs.
Three people have been arrested over Sergio Rivera's disappearance, but his whereabouts remain unknown.
Mario Gomez is the ninth journalist to be assassinated in Mexico so far this year.
Despite pleas from the UN Support Mission in Libya, the clashes between the groups continue, some in the form of attacks on civilian sites.
The attackers were "disguised as Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and Basiji (volunteer) forces opened fire to the authority and people from behind the stand during the parade." 
Ali lashed Northern Ireland and Scotland with winds that reached up 225 kilometers per hour, causing major damage across the region. 
About 136 bodies have been retrieved from the famous African lake, according to Tanzanian police official Simon Sirro.
The ex-NBA player pledged US$1 million each to the American Red Cross and Foundation For The Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response Fund.
The historic feat gives the Orioles the honor of being the first team in professional sports history to accessorize their kit with braille letters.
Lloris was one of the heroes of France's commanding march to their second football World Cup in 20 years. The triumph turned the 31-year-old into a national hero and confirmed his status as one of the most respected goalkeepers in the world.
Some 500 archaeological objects of pre-Hispanic Nasca, Mochica, Chancay, Huari and Inca cultures were also on display at the presentation ceremony.
The new French measures are specifically targeted at opening up technical positions to women in the film industry, which has remained an almost exclusively male preserve.
During World War II some 75,000 Jews were deported from France to Nazi death camps, where almost all were murdered.
The film tells the story of an elderly couple, abandoned by their children, who live wishing for their visit, and maintaining their religious customs respectful of nature.