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Amílcar Sanatan

Amílcar Sanatan, interdisciplinary artist and writer, is a Research Assistant at the Institute for Gender and Development Studies and coordinator of the UWI Socialist Student Conference at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. Reach him on Twitter @amilcarsanatan

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There was once a time in the Caribbean where children were religiously raised on reading Shakespeare. Today, we read Walcott.
International days run the risk of homogenizing struggles. Progressive groups make room for the varying standpoints of women struggling.
There's no guarantee that a Cuban Revolution could be possible without he who wore the historical cloak of Martí and charged history with absolution.
The left is credible not just by winning elections, but by offering fair and just answers to economic, social and political questions.
We need to encourage young political leaders to fight hegemonic, ageist powers within the state while not marginalizing non-political youth groups.
There is a ‘lost history’ of radical women and women’s organizing in the Caribbean for social and economic justice that changed our landscape for more than a century.
We need Che in Venezuela, a Che in Jamaica, Che in France and Che 2.0 in Argentina.
For women who built revolutions with their dreams and sewing machines.
Identification with both the political Left and feminism creates a politics of cross-class solidarity.
Despite being a leader of the Black Power movement, most youth today do not know who Makandal Daaga was.