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Tortilla Con Sal

"Tortilla con Sal is an anti-imperialist collective based in Nicaragua producing information in various media on national, regional and international affairs. In Nicaragua, we work closely with grass roots community organizations and cooperatives. We strongly support the policies of sovereign national development and regional integration based on peace and solidarity promoted by the member countries of ALBA."

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In the war on the majority world, Western progressive media outlets play a class role, moderating permissible debate on domestic policy while colluding in imperialist aggression overseas.
The overwhelming majority of progressive Western media outlets and intellectuals either accepted or openly supported Western aggression and intervention in the past years.
Western media coverage of this latest coup attempt by Venezuela’s right-wing opposition has tried to establish false beliefs.
The clear business strategy of Uber’s investors is to work ruthlessly to gain a monopoly position both within individual countries and internationally.
Put plainly, a lie is still a lie whether or not it comes dressed up in robes with a funny hat, brandishing a PhD.
Outside the Western corporate and alternative media bubble, the fake news controversy looks like a very contrived and double-edged propaganda exercise.
An incomplete review offers a glance at why December is such an important month in Nicaragua's turbulent history.
The ALBA countries outperformed the wealthiest countries in the region during the world’s most serious economic crisis in nearly a century.
Western media, NGOs and governments are waging a psychological warfare campaign against the country’s Sandinista government.