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A day of heated protests in the western Venezuelan city of Barinas took aim at symbols of the socialist Bolivarian Revolution. Full Story

Latin America
Maduro signed a decree to launch the process of electing 540 representatives to the Constituent Assembly during a march for peace.
The reporter, languishing away in a detention center, had given up hope for asylum and decided to take his chances back in Mexico
A current adviser to President Michel Temer was among the former Brasilia politicians targeted in the corruption probe. 
Kanter, who returned to the U.S. via London after his release by Romanian authorities, said his worst fear was to be sent against his will to Turkey.
The Las Vegas showboat, as Agassi was known, has the influence of coaching elites Nick Bollettieri, Brad Gilbert and Darren Cahill to draw from.
The crimes, the lawsuit alleges, “were considered a 'bonding' experience for the football players” and that the university failed to investigate.
Lee said the sport was enjoying strong growth in Asia and was a plus for women in the region, where gender inequality persists in many countries.
The 51-year-old hunter was leading the hunt in Zimbabwe when they stumbled across the herd — which included pregnant elephants.
Laerte says having an open-minded family and successful career as one of Brazil's most brilliant cartoonists made her transition less challenging.
The developer is set to pump an additional $25 million into the renovation of the 200-acre Caribbean resort.
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