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The recent wave of killings of campesinos leaders and environment activists have cast a shadow upon the peace deal. Full Story

Latin America
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva vetoed a similar proposal by Congress that sought to allow the U.S. military to use the facility.
"It's impossible to sell it here at home if there aren't clear benefits for Mexico," said Mexico's economy minister.
Mexico will prioritize a commitment to North American integration on a "win-win" basis, the president said.
Just last month he had expressed fear over threats to his life due to his outspoken opposition of mining activities in the region.
Clashes continued Tuesday on the southern and eastern outskirts of Mokha, almost three weeks into the government-Saudi-led offensive.
Experts say even U.S. citizens not covered under the Affordable Care Act will be affected by Trump's other proposed healthcare cutbacks. 
Neo-Nazi Spencer is credited for rebranding white supremacism into the softer designation "alt-right movement," calling for "peaceful ethnic cleansing."
The cover is red, white and blue featuring the newly inaugurated U.S. president’s signature stare and hair.
Forthcoming book "Assassination of a Saint" details how Salvadoran elites threatened by Romero’s commitment to social justice plotted to kill the archbishop.
The award-winning artist of Puerto Rican descent said he was “sobbing” upon hearing the Puerto Rican nationalist is to be released in May.
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