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  • Graffitti reads "No more femicides." Femicides in Mexican state of Sinaloa up by over 110 percent in the last few decades.

    Graffitti reads "No more femicides." Femicides in Mexican state of Sinaloa up by over 110 percent in the last few decades. | Photo: EFE

A state legislator said that during the present administration of Governor Mario Lopez Valdez 358 femicides have been reported.

Femicide in the violent state of Sinaloa has increased by over 110 percent in the last two decades, lawmaker Maria del Rosario Sanchez denounced Sunday, according to local newspaper RioDoce.

She said the present administration of Sinaloan Governor Mario Lopez has registered 358 femicides since he took office in 2011. Lopez is also accused of protecting the Sinaloa cartel, particularly Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada.

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“In the previous government of Jesus Aguilar Padilla, 295 femicides were reported, while in the government of Juan Milla, 165 femicides were reported. However, under the present government of Mario Lopez Valdez, 358 femicides have been reported,” Sanchez added.

The state legislator pointed out that 68 of the femicides were against young girls and women up to the age of 20.

“There are 108 more women that were murdered of ages 21 to 30. Eighty-one more between the ages of 31 and 40. Forty-nine between 41 and 50, and 34 over 51,” she said.

“Femicides in Sinaloa will continue to increase due to the negligence of authorities and their lack of will to prevent or investigate these crimes,” Sanchez said.

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She called on her fellow members of state congress to debate and approve a resolution to ask the government to declare a state of general alert regarding femicide in Sinaloa, a state in northwestern Mexico.

Last week, it was reported that kidnapping in Mexico had increased by 30 percent in June.

Previously, it was also reported that homicides in Mexico had risen during the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto. Recently, 100 homicides have been reported daily in Mexico.

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