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Corruption in Brazil

It's been one year since the chamber of deputies of Brazil's congress voted to proceed with the impeachment process against democratically-elected President Dilma Rousseff on April 17, 2016.

The process lead to the Workers' Party leader being ousted from office on August 31, 2016, with her senate-imposed replacement Michel Temer immediately rolling back the gains of years of leftist rule under Rousseff and Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva.

Temer's administration has been riddled with corruption charges, with many of his ministers under supreme court investigation. The right-wing coup against Rousseff has brought back all of the ills associated with Brazil post Worker's Party.

But social movements have not laid dormant as the attacks mount. The people have been mobilizing all year to get rid of the coup government.

Michel Temer's Administration Faces Many Investigations


Brazil: Top Court Investigates 100+ Politicians Over Corruption

Eight ministers appointed by President Michel Temer, including his Chief of Staff Eliseu Padilha, are under investigation. READ MORE

Brazil's Eduardo Cunha Threatens to 'Blow Up' Business World

The jailed mastermind of the coup against former President Dilma Rousseff threatened to expose new cases of corruption. READ MORE

Brazil Court Targets 8 Temer Ministers, Dozens of Other Politicians in Corruption Probe

Several top allies of the unelected president, including nearly one third of his cabinet, are in the spotlight for fraud. READ MORE

Brazil Court Launches Trial that Could Boot Temer from Office over Illegal Campaign Funds

If Michel Temer is removed as president, it would mark the second transition of a government in Brazil in less than one year. READ MORE

Brazil's Odebrecht Paid $3.3 Billion in Bribes over a Decade

Odebrecht negotiated a far-reaching plea agreement with Brazilian investigators last year, leading to testimony by about 80 company employees. READ MORE

Temer Rolling Back Workers' Party's Gains


Brazil Govt Buys Media Support for Controversial Pension Reform

Brazil's Temer isn't only seeking to gut the country's social security system, he's also buying the press to make it happen. READ MORE

Brazilians Filed an Average of 364 Human Rights Complaints Per Day in 2016

Reports of slave labor increased by 40 percent and violence or discrimination against women increased by 30 percent. READ MORE

Brazil's Temer to Allow Full Foreign Ownership of Airlines

The move is part of the government's neoliberal reforms to increase foreign investment in the country. READ MORE

Social Movements Fight Back


Brazil's MST Launches Campaign to Free Political Prisoners

"The members of the MST that have been criminalized are in prison because they are landless and struggle for land access," says the campaign. READ MORE

Rousseff Says Brazil Will Return to Democracy in 2018 with Lula

Deposed President Dilma Rousseff expressed hope about the future of the South American nation with another democratically-elected government. READ MORE

Brazil: More Massive Protests Against Temer's Pension Reform

"Many people are thinking about the 2018 elections. But I think we must focus our energies now to avoid losing our rights," said one activist. READ MORE

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