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The United States and the UK will carry out joint observation flights over Russia and Belarus, while Russia will carry out flights over Latvia and Lithuania. Full Story

Authorities are concentrating on recovering and immediately burying mudslide victims in an effort to prevent the outbreak of disease. Full Story

The U.S., Canada and Mexico have differing aims in the talks, which they hope to conclude by early next year – a date seen by analysts as unrealistic.
The social groups warned the international community of the ever-increasing threat of a U.S. invasion of Venezuela.
The Syrian president denounced the hidden agenda of the United States and criticized Turkish President Erdogan for the support they give to anti-government forces in Syria.
"The most important job of our foreign minister is first to stand behind the JCPOA and not to allow the U.S. and other enemies to succeed."

Ambassador Sean Benfeldt says the talks aim to normalize relations between African countries and an “occupation state.”

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